Bioavailability Study

Major and trace minerals are essential nutritional elements for livestock. They play a key role in the maintenance and development of the skeleton and in the maintenance of acid base balances. They are also essential components of a number of enzymes, vitamins and other bioactive molecules. Adequeate mineral supply is indispensable to ensure animal welfare and performance.
Therefore, EMFEMA contacted different specialists at renowned institutes in the field of minerals for livestock to produce a literature overview of the relative bioavailability of major and trace minerals for poultry, pigs and ruminants. Dr.A.W.Jongbloed and Dr.P.A. Kemme were responsible for the general introduction, Dr. G. De Groote and Dr. M. Lippens reviewed the literature for the poultry part, Dr. A.W. Jongbloed for the pig part and Dr. F. Meschy for the ruminant part.

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